The Nissan Leaf 2023

Electric Vehicle Charge Points in British Columbia

The #1 concern for most drivers considering the move to electric is the fear of running out of  charge. We want to educate our customers on the advances of electric / hybrid technology and the infrastructure that supports a thriving EV economy.

Embedded to your right you can see a current map of all the available charging stations across Canada. Use the tool in the right hand corner to map your route and it will display all charging stations available en route. For example if you were travelling from Victoria, BC to Campbell River, BC you would be travelling  approximately 265 km's with an available 140 (Level 2- Fast Charge) stations within 5 km's of the route. Travelling this route with a 62kWh Nissan Leaf you would only need to stop at 1 of 140 stations to comfortably complete your roundtrip.

Use this tool to download your stops to a printable file or use one of many interactive maps available on the app store. These are a few of our favorites - PlugShare, ChargeHub or BC Hydro EV. Common places to find charging stations would be grocery stores, shopping malls, and even gas stations.
Show stations within of the route

1,646 station locations

4,205 EVSE ports

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  • British Columbia

  • Electric
    • Types: DC Fast, Level 2

  • Access: Public

Use this tool to view alternative fuel corridors designated by the Federal Highway Administration and to measure the distance between stations that meet the criteria for corridors. Explore more resources for corridors. Have a comment or concern with this tool? Please contact us.

50 miles between stations allowed

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    LEAF offers a range up to 363 km, fast and easy charging, and innovative tools to help stretch battery power. With tech like this, there's never been a better time to go electric. Nissan LEAF's standard 40 kWh battery gives you instant acceleration. With its available 62 kWh battery, Nissan LEAF also gives you instant exhilaration.

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    With Nissan's full suite of standard driver assist and convenience tech, Nissan LEAF will get you there with more comfort and more confidence. Get an assist when you need it while seeing and sensing more around you. With Nissan Intelligent Mobility innovation, the LEAF has state-of-the-art safety built right in. Discover the tech that works behind the scenes. It's all designed to help you drive with extra finesse.

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    Warm up your car, cool it down and keep tabs on it. You can do it using the most advanced monitoring app and available services ever offered with the LEAF. Lock your doors, sound the horn and flash your headlights of your Nissan LEAF remotely. Enjoy technology so intuitive, it feels tailor-made for you. NissanConnect® lets you instantly sync your compatible device and the world around you.

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    No need to sacrifice space or comfort. With no internal combustion engine, you can enjoy a thrilling drive without all the noise. The Nissan LEAF also has a modern interior with great cargo space, including fold-down rear seats that let you bring larger items with ease. Enjoy centrally located controls for temperature control, power heated front seats and more.

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