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The Revolutionary Health Protection Program.

Keep your family safe from harmful germs, toxic molds, miserable allergens and the odors they create.

Affordable, Extremely Effective. Completely Safe.

Get your vehicles PURIFYD today!

Through advanced technology, driving a vehicle is now safer than ever before. Purchase a brand new vehicle from West Coast Nissan, and you'll feel secure wherever you go. There are many driving dangers, and modern innovation has equipped vehicles to feature appropriate safety technology, such as seatbelt and airbags, to keep you protected on the road. But there is one area that has been overlooked. Many harmful germs and bacteria can exist in your vehicle unannounced. These bacteria hold the potential to bring harm to you and those you love as you encounter them in your vehicle. PurifyD is a system developed by Sandia Labs, America's premier governmental R&D laboratory, offering you a solution to fighting the war on germs.

Bacteria Potential

As you drive, you are utilizing features, such as your heating and air conditioning systems, to provide a satisfactory climate for you and your passengers. One thing that this climate can produce is a damp environment, which is the perfect breeding ground for millions of bacteria, mold, mildew and odors. As these microorganisms generate and live in your vehicle, they may pose a harmful threat to your health. The top 10 most dangerous germs and viruses could be riding around with you and your family, even if you are unaware of their existence. There are many ways in which you may come into contact with these germs, and once they arrive, they may be around for a while. Harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and salmonella can survive in a vehicle as long as a month. On average, an individual may spend up to 600 hours per year in their vehicle, which is an equivalent of five years over their lifetime. This is a place you will want to ensure protection. Another factor to consider is how these germs and bacteria can reduce your vehicle's trade-in or resale value.

The PurifyD Treatment

PurifyD utilizes the technology of 21 years of research and development to bring you peace of mind as you drive, knowing that your family is safe from exposure to harmful pathogens. PurifyD, featuring D7 is the world's most effective, safe, anti-microbial disinfectant and chemical decontaminant. Through its advanced components, it is able to successfully eradicate up to 99.99999% of harmful germs and infectious, odour causing bacteria. Take charge of your vehicle's environment through the PurifyD treatment and eliminate vegetative and non-vegetative mold spores, mildew and pollen. You are able to clean the air and surfaces that you and your family come into contact with every day through this simple and easy process. No longer do you have to allow food, drink spills, cigarette and cigar smoke, body fluids and pet odors to exist as you access this neutralizing technology. Beat the competition with PurifyD, as it is EPS and DIN registered and is safer, colorfast, non-corrosive and more effective than household bleach. This formula is 500 times stronger than Lysol and 150 times stronger than Oxi Clean. This product is highly trusted by the U.S. military, federal, state, and local defense, law enforcement and security organizations and offers you a solution that you can rely on. PurifyD is now being made available commercially for the first time.

About PurifyD

PurifyD embodies a passion for creating healthy solutions to protect us from the unseen enemies which inhabit the physical spaces where we live. It is their mission to help make the world safer by bringing attention to the dangers of common and not-so-common biohazards. PurifyD with D7 has been used by the United States military, the CIS, FBI and other authorities for over a decade to fight against bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, and fungi to promote health and well-being. The world of germs has become increasingly more dangerous as each strain of germs, such as the flu virus, has unique characteristics making them harder and harder to kill. This is the age of the superbug, and the time has come to fight these enemies by introducing them to a cleaning component that kills them to the highest scientific measurable degree. PurifyD is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and not harmful to people or animals. This marks it as safe for you, and very dangerous for the germs that aim to harm you. There is no substitute for PurifyD with D7 as there is no other system on this planet that can as effectively protect our health and well-being from germs, molds and fungi. Protect your family today with PurifyD, using the latest technology and creating a system you can rely on.

To learn more about PurifyD and other products to enhance your life as you drive, visit your local Greater Vancouver Nissan Dealer - West Coast Nissan. Check out the latest Nissan models available or test drive a pre-owned vehicle. West Coast Nissan wants to help you find a vehicle that makes you and your family feel safe.

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