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All-New Nissan Z Proto

Breathtaking performance and mesmerizing style make the all-new Nissan Z Proto an outstanding sports car. Classic proportions and agile handling ensure a fun ride every time with room for two.

Sleek and Sporty

Attention-grabbing design makes the all-new Nissan Z Proto stand out, starting with the long hood and short rear deck. A badge mounted on the C-pillar pays tribute to the history of the Z. Rear taillights feature LED lighting while dual exhausts showcase the athleticism of the car. Curved headlights enhance the contemporary image of this model.
Slide inside the all-new Nissan Z Proto where the focus is on the driver with controls located within easy reach. Bold design continues with yellow trim and piping on the sport seat. Grip the deep dish style steering wheel where you can find the most important controls.
Innovative Technology
Monitor vehicle data in the 12.3-inch digital meter display with the redline shift pointed in the twelve o'clock position for the all-new Nissan Z Proto. Nissan Connect provides infotainment for all your journeys.
Premium Performance
Powering the all-new Nissan Z Proto is a twin-turbo V6 engine, paired with an optional manual transmission for sporty handling and precise performance. Continuing the tradition of more than 50 years, the all-new Nissan Z Proto is sure to turn heads and capture attention.
This model combines the classic style of previous models while embracing new technology to intrigue today's drivers.
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